About Raz



Raz Steel was born in a chalet in Frisco, Colorado. His alter-ego was born farther east—or farther west if you go the long way. A storyteller his entire life, Raz finally decided to put stories to paper. He’s a pilot, a teacher, a recycler, and a dad. He holds a degree in Philosophy from Lafayette College and currently resides in Pennsylvania.

Raz’s writing career began after he became a pilot. Being terrified of heights (anything over the third rung of a ladder) the choice didn’t seem difficult: fly or write.

He tortured himself to get his pilot’s license to cure his fear, and now feels qualified to offer advice to other acrophobiacs – “Let me assure you, if there’s anything more terrifying than flying a single engine airplane 2000 feet above the ground with your flight instructor, it’s flying a single engine airplane 2000 feet above the ground—alone.” You have to fly solo to get your license. What could he have possibly been thinking?

Raz studies anything he finds of interest: tennis, ballroom dancing, psychology… vampires. He finds humor in all aspects of life and indeed includes it in all of his books. Raz is currently working on several new projects. The father of two, Raz states that although his kids are grown-up, they’ll always be “kids,” and that he’ll always be “Dad.”

A man and woman in front of a cathedral.

After centuries of concealment, existence is exposed. Now, a vampire stands naked in the crosshairs of the government agency sworn to destroy him while he battles  his own kind to save the progeny he sired and rescue the woman he loves.

A woman with red lipstick and white hair is laying down.

In one fateful night, brilliant and beautiful doctor Lara West is swept by a mysterious patient into a dangerous world of intrigue, vampires and the government agency created to exterminate them–and an even more dangerous world of love.

Award Winning Author

Finalist in the Romantic Times
American Title III Contest 2006-2007

Finalist in the Emerald City
Opener Contest 2006